Plump & Pucker 

This week I’m doing a little lip plumping experiment. Testing out a bestselling lip plumping gloss from a well known brand. Over the next few weeks I will be trailing a few plumping glosses in an attempt to find the perfect pout-enhancing plumper!👄 

First up is, of course (I’m sure you’ve guessed it), one from the Soap & Glory Mother Pucker range! 



This is a product I have been forever hearing about, since the days of year 7 where we first all realised make up was a thing and starting trying everyone’s products out in the toilets at lunch. However, the standard Mother Pucker gloss I knew then is long gone…step aside for the XL EXTREME Plump! Very much in line with the worlds need for ‘Kylie Jenner Lips’. 


However, I had never owned one of these glosses until a couple of weeks ago, when I decided to venture into the world of fuller lips. My overview of this product? Well, a side from all the tingling you feel on application, I can’t say I’ve really noticed much of a change. 
Firstly, the consistency & feel of the gloss is very sticky, this was to be expected with a plumping gloss, but there was something very claggy about it that I didn’t particularly like. 

Admittedly after the first couple minutes of tingles I did notice some plumping effect, not huge or overly obvious, but I could tell. Unfortunately though, as you would probably expect, it’s all very temporary. I continued to use for 4 days, knowing that with any collagen stimulating product, the key is in continued use. But I didn’t really see a continued effect, without application every few hours, I don’t think you’ll get a very noticible result. Long term maybe you might see results, I have only been using this for a couple days. I mean don’t get me wrong, we don’t all want huge bulging lips, and for a little extra plump this is brilliant!

Want fuller, ‘Kylie Jenner’ Lips? Keep an eye out for my next lip plumping post by following my blog & Twitter! 💋


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