Guess Who’s Back

Back Again. 

So yeah, I’ve been away from a while – unfortunately not literally – but I have been shut away in my flat, drowning in Uni work and the related stress. Yes, it’s the dreaded third year. Yes, I should’ve known it would be this crazy. No, I’m not as organised as I thought I was.


I’m trying my best to stay on top of this blog, but I’m not finding it easy, so please bare with me and keep updated, as I will pop up here and there! (I Promise!)

The point of this post was to signpost you all in the direction of my many other social media, business and blogging platforms! I’m trying to make a conscious effort to at least keep one of them up at a time aha! So without further ado, here’s some places you can follow me and keep a little more updated on my life and so forth, while I attempt to clear my work load and make room for my little blog!

Instagram – My most used! @alicehoar

Tumblr – again it’s been a while but I’m making sure I stay on top of this one at the mo!! Check it out @

Pinterest – I use this a lot for Uni rather than blogging, but if you’re into fashion, advertising, marketing etc then it really is worth a look – without blowing my own trumpet – I have managed to build up quite a good resource of my personal projects and inspiration. If you wanna follow my work etc check it out here: Alice Hoar

Twitter – My twitter is very blog orientated but worth a follow if you want to keep up with my blog posts and news! @alice_hoar

BABU – If you don’t already know about BABU then PLEASE go check it out! This is my own little beauty business and a personal project, I love it, and if you’re interested in skincare, haircare, health supplements, make up and teeth whitening, then it’s definitely worth a look! I have some brill products that really work (AND i’m hiring!!) Take a look here: #TeamBABU

As you can probably tell from the above, I’m super busy at the moment, and with Christmas on the horizon I’m sure it’s not going to get much easier aha! That’s all for now, will post again soon! (I hope!)



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