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So this December I was lucky enough to be working at the clothes show at the NEC in Birmingham! For anyone that hasn’t been before I highly recommend it! (Check it out online – You can find out more at & come along next year!!) Unfortunatley, December was kind of a crazy whirlwind for me, what with Christmas and Uni deadlines, I never really got a chance to post about the amazing brand I worked with at Clothes Show 2015. So here goes, I’ve finally done a post for y’all 💁🏼

The company I’ve been working with is an amazing new company called MAYA. The company launched this Friday at the Clothes Show and has been off to a flying start! The company is currently showcasing their main product – a styling and curling Creme – but will be adding to their range in the new year! So seen as I’ve seen such an amazing response from customers over the past 4 days I thought I’d share some info and my own review of this product!  

MAYA | Styling & Curling Creme 

The Creme itself is a rich and luxurious product that contains 12 essential oils and extracts. These 12 oils contribute to optimising your hairs natural style and condition, these ingredients include Shea butter, Baobab, argan oil, olive oil and carrot oil!

These ingredients have wondourous hydrating, moisturising and conditioning properties; but that’s not all. If we ignore the ‘styling & curling’ part for a second (I’m coming to that in a sec), this product also can help eliminate frizz, help prevent weather related hair deflation and/or frizz, and also revitalise damaged hair! Whether you’re hair is brittle & breaking, suffering from chemical treatments or heat damaged, then this product is for you!!

The best way to explain how the product can be used this product is to break it down into two areas – it’s honesty just so versatile as a hair product I’m gonna struggle to explain everything, but I’ll do my best to sum it all up!


Okay, so as I mentioned above, I believe there are two ways in which you can use this product – this is the first.

When I’m talking curling, I’m talking natural curl. So if you’re hair is naturally curly – Afro curly, ringlet curly or even just fairly wavy – and you want to help enhance your natural hair so it’s smooth, tangle free and generally easy to manage,  then listen up!

So if you want to have smooth, defined, natural curl, then you can use this cream on washed/wet & towel dried hair. You would just get your hair into a state where it’s damp and not soaking wet, and then just work the product through your hair with either your fingers or an Afro comb, spreading the product evenly.

Leave to naturally dry, and ta dah! Perfect, smooth and manageable curls! 💁🏼


Okay, so number two! You might have just read the whole of the first method and thought, nope this isn’t for me. Maybe you have straight hair, maybe you like to straighten out your naturally curly hair, or maybe you prefer to achieve a curl though styling with heat or rollers etc.

Well, if you’re one of those, this is still the product for you!

So, as the term would suggest, with this method you’re using the product to ‘style’. With styling it’s kind of up to you how you use the product and how much you use, because it will depend on the style you want to achieve.

For straight hair, natural or straightened, you can use this product to run through dry hair, post-styling, to help prevent frizz and weather damage.

For styled curls, you can use this product during heat-free curling (using bendy rollers or Velcro rollers) OR after using heat styling (curling wand) to help you achieve smoother, silkier curls that will hold for longer!! 😍


My Personal Review

So, as I have naturally straight hair, I choose to use this product within the second method – to curl & style.

My natural hair is really thick and long, whilst I know a lot of people dream of this hair type, this makes it extremely hard to style. No style will ever hold due to the weight of my hair, all curls will drop and fall.

However, using Maya in my hair has really helped change this for me! I apply the product to slightly damp hair, put it up in bendy rollers & leave it over night – the next day I will have beautiful, big curls that last all day long!


So, maybe now you might be wondering where you can get your hands on this fab product? Check out their website at!

If you give it a go, please get in touch, i’d love to hear how you get on with this product, I just love it so much!!

Hope you’re all enjoying my latest posts, please follow me for more & keep yourselves updated by following my twitter & instagram @alice_hoar!

Love A xx


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